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Toonlet - eLearning

Resource: Creating cartoons for your eLearning (@toonlet) #eLearning #Cartoon

Every now and then I come across something that gives me that ‘Eureka!’ moment, and when I found Toonlet.com I had one.

Instead of my usual introduction and walk-through on what the tool can do, why not let it speak for itself? Here is a Toonlet ‘toon …

Click to view large version

I am also planning on using toons created here to illustrate a guide I am writing as part of my PG Cert course … stick around and you’ll see it here first when I get my marks back!

What is also amazing is that (with a little digging and trial and error, as well as reading their ‘toonup’ guides) you can find a link to a high resolution version of the cartoon strip, which makes embedding in posters, presentation, etc even better – and if you wanted to use in a printed document it’s good for that too (or a coffee mug for Father’s Day!).

I would like to thank Flea Palmer for showing me Toonlet through her brilliant cartoon called “Facing the consequences… a social networking horror story!

Cartoon – ‘Facing the Consequences’ #SocialMedia

As I browse through the web I often find content and posts that are really really good. Many of them I Tweet about (@hopkinsdavid) and some I think are so good I want to ‘preserve’ by adding to my blog.

This is one of them.

I have done a fair amount of reading and research around the use of Social Media and Social Networks by students that this will not come as any surprise to my loyal readers that the cartoon below, created by Flea Palmer, called “Facing the consequences… a social networking horror story!

Enjoy … and it’s best viewed full-screen.

This is what Flea says about the cartoon:

“The storyboard (above) was created using the excellent Toonlet, a free ‘web comic blogging’ tool, although I confess I cheated and also modified some of the panels using Photoshop.”

I have started looking at Toonlet and will let you know how I get on in a later post, but so far it’s looking fun.

Learning Tools: what do you use?

Jane Hart (Twitter: @C4LPT) is keeping her Learning Technology Directory up to date. The Tools the directory “enable and support all kinds of learning – formal structured learning, personal learning, group learning and intra-organisational learning”.

The directory has been reorganised into the following comprehensive categories;

  • Instructional tools,
  • Live tools,
  • Document and presentation tools,
  • Blogging, web and wiki tools,
  • Image, audio and video tools,
  • Communication tools,
  • Micro-blogging tools,
  • Collaboration tools,
  • Social networking and collaboration spaces,
  • Personal productivity tools,
  • Browsers, players and readers,
  • Mobile tools.

So, get on over there and find something new to try out. Even better, see if your favourite tool is listed and, if not, ask to get it listed.

Video: Social Media (in 2009)

So, I have relented. I made a resolution (of sorts) that I wouldn’t write about things like “the year in review”; there are loads out there already (and very well written too). But this video is quite good, all about what social media was doing throughout the year, and how people reacted to various events by turning to Facebook, Twitter, etc.