Old job/new job

What is it that makes you think ‘this is the job for me’, or conversely think ‘nah, it’s definitely not for me’?

Do you find yourself salivating over the role profile because it’s you all over? Do you feel the need to apply for the job because of the way in which the job and company have been described in the advert or role profile, or is it because you know someone who works there and they’ve never stopped raving about it? Is it your dream role because it fits your career plan and upward trajectory. Maybe it’s the possibility to relocate to somewhere new or somewhere you’ve always wanted to live/work?

What about when you get all the way through the application/interview/offer process and find out, you know what, it isn’t for you after all? Is it a disappointment when it’s not quite the exciting job offer you thought it would be, especially after completing the 24-page online application form AND preparing for the interview task AND surviving various levels of interview techniques you may encounter?

After all that effort, in getting noticed and invited to interview, do you feel somehow obliged to accept the offer and new job even with reservations? What is it that’s changed since you saw the advert and decided to apply? Is it the job itself or just how you feel about it? Is it the sudden thought of change that has actually put you off, or that you weren’t really committed to the process after all?

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash