In days gone by comments on blog posts used to be the only way to really get feedback on my blog posts, and a way to continue the conversation with my readership.

It’s a bit different these days, as highlighted in one way in my previous post: Blog vs Twitter vs LinkedIn. Developments in the platforms and channels have made them more sociable, with things like LinkedIn ‘sentiment’ tools and comments/posts, etc. and Twitter lengthening a tweet from 140 to 280 characters.

I’m also seeing a marked degradation and slowing of blogs and websites loading as the number of tracking/ad cookies and complexity of publishing platforms and the plugins that help make them personal grows. This is one reason I recently turned the comment feature on this blog off. About 8 years ago I switched from standard WordPress comments to the Disqus system, to manage and remove much of the spam comments my blog received. But recently the bloating of cookies and loading times here and other blogs have just annoyed me so much … and the fact I rarely get any original/genuine comments any more.

So, no more comments on my blog. Sorry. I’ve noticed an increase, although only marginal at the moment, in my blog loading time since I removed the Disqus system, and I’ll continue to monitor it and mybe remove some more plugins (social sharing, theme, etc.) in an effort to get this loading quicker.

I’m still happy to continue the conversation elsewhere, while I’m there ;-)