BETT 2009 (Overview)

I’m getting ready for the BETT 2010 (British Education and Training Technology) exhibition next week (January 13th – 16th).

There are two things I must (and am trying to) do, and that’s;

  • figure out how best to spend my limited time on the one day I can attend, and
  • see what previous years has given us.

The first is quite difficult. I hope to be there on Friday 15th, which limits the seminars that are available, but there are plenty to choose from – BETT 2010 Seminar list.

The second one is easier; here’s something I found quite quickly on YouTube;

2009 saw BETT celebrate its 25th anniversary as it buzzed as “educationalists the world over converged at London’s Olympia to touch and test the latest in educational technology.” Last year’s event was the most successful ever, with over 30,000 visitors.