Blackboard Guide for Tutors

A while ago I posted about a guide to Moodle that Joyce Seitzinger had created – “Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers“, and I am pleased to say it was well received and gained quite a lot of re-tweets and hits, both on my website and even more importantly on Joyce’s. At the time I said I was working on a version (copy?) for Blackboard and I am pleased to say I have completed the first draft.

I am not as comfortable with Bloom’s Taxonomy as Joyce so therefore have not included the information in the version below, but I hope that with continued time and effort to become familiar with it I can incorporate it into version 2, and any new/updates. This version is intended to be included in a Conference I am hoping to attend later this year so is set at A1 size for printing, but still looks good printed on A3 (hint: A4 is a little too small).

Click here to view this document on SlideShare: “BlackBoard Guide for Tutors“. View more from David Hopkins.