#BYOD ‘Bring your own Device’

Heard about the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement? Me too, and the following might just tickle your funny bone (as well as being quite instructive), enjoy!

YouTube: BYOD in the 21st Century

Thanks to Scott Newcomb (@SNewco) for sharing this earlier today.

If you want some more background on BYOD try Steve Wheeler’s post “Bring your own” and Stephen Heppell’s “Child Led Learning”from the Learning Without Frontiers 2012 (Bring a Browser).

Also worth a read is this post “Young workers view BYOD as a right, not a privilege” which reports on a survey of 3800 workers in their 20s who represent the “management and senior decision-makers of tomorrow”. The report states that “nearly three quarters of respondents said they regularly use their own device for work purposes, while 55% says using their own device at work is a ‘right’ rather than a ‘privilege’.”