With fewer and fewer people sharing and collaborating on Twitter, LinkedIn updates becoming a hybrid between Facebook and Twitter chats, I’ve been relying on my Feedly news aggregator to bring me new content from blogs, feeds, EdTech and tech news sites, etc.

I still subscribe to some websites, but even those are publishing less and less, a trend that’s been growing over the last year or so.

I’ve found myself unsubscribing from a number of them too. It’s nothing personal; it’s not that I don’t want or like the updates, it’s more to do with either my changing need to have an email update or find it elsewhere or that my needs have moved on and I don’t find value in the newsletter/updates any more.

What is important, however, is that we each continue our writing and social sharing using the platform we want to use. I’ve spoken to a few EdTech bloggers recently, and most agree the blog audience has dropped off(including the comments), and there are many more places to write our thoughts about our work. But we still get something out of our own humble blog.

With over 1,100 posts here to date, it would be a shame to lose the record of my 14 of years blogging activity (woh, how long?).

But the other side of subscription emails is the ones I’ve never subscribed to, the spam, and the downright annoying. Spam I handle by just ignoring and deleting it, but what I am annoyed about is the increase in rubbish emails or newsletters from commerce or company websites I used to value. the frequency is what annoys me now, some have gone from one a month to nearly one a day. But not offering or saying anything new to make this frequency worth having.

Nope, sorry (not sorry), I’m unsubscribing.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash