Augmented Reality: it’s all a load of goo (Cadbury’s goo, that is)

Here I was, quietly minding my own business and checking my emails when I get a link to the Cadbury’s Egg-mented Reality page. This post is really only a follow up to the technology of augmented reality rather than it’s use in education, but you can see how and why people would start to use it. If both children and adults start seeing and using this technology in situations like this (fun, game-like) then it is only a short leap to accepting and looking for it in an educational setting.

Print off the augmented reality page and hold it up to your webcam on the page and you’ll see the following;

Great stuff, love it!

PS. the emails they send are such a good style and approach of marketing, a good mix of information and fun, and the occasional  special offer!