Game-based Learning: recent readings (2)

Even when I try and get on with something else, I keep finding excellent resources about game- and simulation-based learning. So, here we are again. Below are some links and choice quotes from the resources. Enjoy …

Jeffrey Young: “5 Teaching Tips for Professors—From Video Games

“Learning is no game on today’s college campuses. It’s serious work that many students dread. Yet when those same students play video games like World of Warcraft, they happily spend hours on difficult tasks, and actually learn quite a bit in the process. Ms. Steinkuehler … noted how players in a chat room had used complex mathematics to argue for a certain plan of attack against some unruly beast.”

Abhijit Kadle: “Top 100 Learning Game Resources

“So here they are – a Top 100 Learning Game Resource list. If you are already developing learning games, these links will broaden your horizons, as they did mine. If you are contemplating beginning – it might help to look at links that interest you to get some grounding ideas.”

Lucy Cockcroft: “Computer games should be used to assess pupils’ ability instead of traditional tests

“Professor James Gee believes that the games are an aide to learning, a view that is at odds with that of many parents who consider them a distraction from school work. He has also suggested that the games should become part of the curriculum because they offer pupils a more efficient way of learning by not bombarding them with a large amount of information all at once.”

Karl Kapp: “Using Virtual Worlds in the Conspiracy to Create an ‘ah-ha’ Moment

“Conspiracies take coordination, effort, planning and a deep understanding of what needs to be done. These adjectives rarely describe the level of effort dedicated to organizational efforts to change behavior through learning experiences. We need to stop creating awareness and start to create conspiracies. What better place to start than in a 3D Virtual Immersive Environment. Involving learners in a story where they can interact and react is the first step in the conspiracy in which we should all partake.”