Fact or not, I don't care … I want one (iPod Tablet)

No one at Apple will comment on this, or is willingto say whether the rumour is just that, a rumour, but the fact is Apple should seriously consider making the rumoured iPod Tablet if they’re not already!

I mean, look at it! It’s lovely!

iPod Tablet, 2009/2010This image is showing on the TechCrunch website, along with the report that, apparently, Steve Jobs is happy to push this to market in the early part of 2010! At an estimated 10″ screen (seen above with iPod Touch for comparison?) so long as it has exactly the same offering and abilities as an iPod Touch (with included 3G wireless access) it will be the defining piece of kit in every classroom, kids room, gadget-freaks cupboard!

With a decent screen size, proper access-anywhere wireless access, and the usual apps and features we know and use in the iPod Touch and iPhone this could be the reason why every school and every educator gets involved in mobile learning / mLearning.

If it is a joke, I am happily gulible and should be more careful of the rubbish I read on the Interent, but what a great gadget if it’s real!!

Mr Jobs, if you’re reading this … please make it!

Update: July 27th – this just in from Gizmodo: Apple are pushing for a September launch!!!

“According to the Financial Times, Apple is racing to launch the fabledĀ Apple tablet in September, along with new iPods. They claim Apple is working with record labels and book publishers on new iTunes features created for the new device.”