Reading: "College technology 'catching up' with students"

Kathleen Gray has written this article on College technology ‘catching-up’ with students and has highlighted some of the short-falls many of us have witnessed. It’s nice to see our observations being taken notice of.

So, what’s interesting about it?

“Today’s college classrooms are high-tech marvels, with overhead projectors and grease pencils replaced by document cameras, handheld clickers and interactive white boards.”

Indeed. In fact it’s worse than this. My wife teaches in a primary school; all the teachers have their own individual laptop, every classroom has a high-spec PC and projector and (quite often) a smart board. Children of ages 5 and upwards are better equipped that the majority of Higher Education institutions.

“Faculty, for the most part, see technology as a way to better connect to students in their interactive, multitasking, apps-ready world.”

Not everyone is like this; some still view technology as something to overcome, something that gets in the way of doing the proper job.

“Jose Bowen says … today’s faculty should offer podcasted lectures, hyperlinks and online study sessions to prep the students with materials before class — leaving classroom time for discussion and debate.”

Yes, yes, and thrice yes!

Go on, read it and let me know your thoughts below please.