Your digital workplace is so much more than just technology

I read this recently and thought ’yes!’. Again …

“Your digital workplace is so much more than just technology’”

I think we can all agree on this, but I certainly hadn’t thought of it in those simple terms.

“A digital workplace that is purpose-driven and technology-enabled should, at its best, invite its users to see it as part of their own digital personality..” – Roman Pelzel

What did you do to make your digital workplace more ‘you’, more personal, more you-friendly, or more acceptable to your aesthetics? Did you install a new wallpaper on your computer, one of somewhere you’ve been or a family member? Did you put a framed picture on your desk, or another such personal item (your favourite mug)?

My desk, at home or in the office, will have one of several things that makes it personal … a charging cable (one of my own), sometimes a photo, a mug and coaster, my own notebook or other such ‘book’, my own adjustable laptop stand, pens and/or post-it notes. At home, there are obviously more personal items around than I would have in an office .. the cat being one of them, as is my vinyl collection just in reach so I can choose my own background music while I work.

Clearly, the home-workplace is easier to customise than an office-based one, not least is the fact I don’t need to ask permission to customise it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better, though – perhaps the constraints of an office-based workplace mean less customisation, a bigger difference between ‘home’ and ‘work’ environments, and more work-thoughts than home-thoughts?

This going to be a highly personal choice, but that’s why each of us is good at what we do, we adapt to the environment we’re in, we bring a little of our other-self to it and make it ‘home’.

Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash