Video: Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

This video, forwarded to me by ShellTerrell on Twitter, is something that many of us already understand, but many administrative individuals do not. Those of us who work ‘in’ education understand these concepts (“the death of education, the dawn of learning” as Stephen Heppell says), but those who work ‘for’ education (administrators, planners, managers, chancellors, etc) may not yet have had the time to grasp these concepts.

“Every turned-off device [phone, netbook, etc] is potentially a turned-off child [learner]” Stephen Heppell.

“… it’s the death of education but it’s the dawn of learning, and that makes me very happy.” Stephen Heppell.

There are some very excellent quotes from this video, too many to write here, so please watch this video and take from it what suits you and your interests.

YouTube: Learn to change – change to learn

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  • I’m a great fan of your blog so I was really happy to read my name here! The reason I like this video so much is that it seems more conversational, which may make teachers and schools new to technology more willing to listen.

    • Shelly – many thanks for the comment, and the video in the first place. I have seen Stephen Heppell speak of his views before, but to have his words echoed and expanded upon by so many others surely should mean the message is getting heard in the corridors of power … forgive me for being sceptical, but I doubt that is happening yet.

      All the best,

  • I want to commend you in the videos that you are sharing. I will be able to utilize this in a presentation that I am doing for “LifeLines for Educators” in Jackson, TN this Saturday – “Am I willing to use Technology as my Friend or Enemy in this Journey we call Change?”

    • Dr. M – Many thanks for the contact. The videos I share on my blog are all available in the public domain; I do not own the copyright on the material, nor do I pretend to. I am only sharing the resources for you, the reader.

      You will need to find the author of the original video to ask about the copyright.

      All the best,