2012 UCISA Technology Enhanced Learning Report

UCISA 2012 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK

If you’re involved in any way with Learning Technology or Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) then you ought to spend some time looking through this report – at 149 pages it’s a lot to take in, it does have a very useful summary if you want the best bits.

UCISA (Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association) have produced this report regularly since 2008 to look at:

“the use of technology enhanced learning in the higher education sector. In addition to reviewing the technology in use, the survey looks at the drivers behind the adoption of technology enhanced learning in institutions.”

The report identifies and defines TEL as:

“Any online facility or system that directly supports learning and teaching. This may include a formal VLE, an institutional intranet that has a learning and teaching component, a system that has been developed in house or a particular suite of specific individual tools.”

I would also think, in my mind, that the survey and report will expand to include systems that support teaching and learning ‘indirectly’? The use of Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter is increasing, and how they are being used are developing as both learning portals and areas for administrative contact (which I doubt will replace Institutional systems, but are useful first-contact portals to feed the student request/need to).