Day 30: Showcase your #EdTech journey

The last day of the #JuneEdTechChallenge and a chance for us all to be a bit proud and put ourselves on a pedestal and shout about our achievements.

Many colleagues and friends in these roles are not naturally good at shouting about our own acheivements, so seeing how people will complete this part of the challenge will be interesting. As will seeing what people remember of their own achievements and LT journey, and what others remember of it too. Indeed, what I remember will no doubt be different to what you remember, so please tell me your highlgihts of our time together, dear reader?

For me, there are a few stand-out moments from my +15 years in learning technology, learning design, and a few more senior roles too, which include:

Each day has been different and a challenge for many, many different reasons. One constant, however, has been both my need to grow and learn, and the network on Twitter and LinkedIn that has helped this journey – directly and indirectly. The list of those who have been on this journey with me continues to grow to this very day, and I thank you all!

Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash