eLearners Lose Focus

I’ve just finished reading the post by Susan Doctoroff Landay on eLearnMag website: “Tips and Tools for Fostering a Creative e-Learning Class“.

All I can say is … just what I was thinking.

“Despite the effectiveness of e-learning, online learners remain notorious for losing focus, getting bored, checking email, chatting, texting, sorting through piles of neglected mail, or tuning out altogether. It’s not their fault.”

Please read the full articles, it is very good and you’ll love the “eLearners Bill of Rights”!

So, what does Susan suggest? Exactly what myself and so many have been trying to get the reluctant educators to do ..

“Using what we know about the importance of setting a lively, stress-free, learning-friendly classroom environment, take steps to make e-learning environments similarly engaging, so that we can maximize the effectiveness of online and blended learning.”