Introduction to Technology Integration #edtech

YouTube: An Introduction to Technology Integration

Watch this, it’s great:

“What I think is really exciting about what we’re seeing now is that technology is being used to fundamentally transform what the classroom is, fundamentally transform what you can do with the classroom.”

“I think to define technology integration it’s really using whatever resources you have to the best of your abilities. Technology is a tool, it’s what you do with that tool, what you can make, what you allow the students to make, that’s really what technology is about. If you can do this lesson without technology, that’s great. But if you can do it better with technology then that’s why you use it, that’s why you use tools.”

“I am truly seeing a world where the person who’s in the role of teacher is really the facilitator, and if you can facilitate your students to create great work and work alongside them to do that, that’s amazing to me.”

“It’s not about the mode of creation, it’s not about the tool. It’s about the learning, it’s about the process, it’s about the look on my student’s faces, the fact that they can stay focused, motivated, engaged, and they’re sharing ideas really makes learning joyful.”