Most used EdTech acronym

The #JuneEdTechChallenge continues, and today is the ‘most used EdTech acronym’.

I think I’ll follow on from yesterday’s question (‘the VLE in my life…‘) and say the most used EdTech acronym is … VLE.

The VLE or Virtual Learning Environment, the Learning Management System (LMS), the Personal Learning Environment (PLE), the Managed Learning Environment (MLE), etc are all the same … it’s an online platform where a student can access (digital) materials to support their learning and assessment and view their progress, and somewhere academics and administrators can go to view/grade assessments, check records and generally access or interrogate the data stored on or about a student.

As acronyms go, this is one we hear almost daily in our line of work. Most institutions will have a fancy name for it (at Bournemouth it was myBU – ‘My-Bournemouth-University’ – and Warwick it was myWBS – ‘my-Warwick-Business-School’) or they just refer to the supplier name (Blackboard, Moodle, etc). Whichever it is, this platform is central to many learning designers and learning technologist’s daily tasks and grind, and can be a source of inspiration or frustration.

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Photo credit: clement127