Never go to a conference without …

Day 3 of the JuneEdTechChallenge … and the question of what do I never go to a conference without?

Well, there are a number of things I always make sure I have with me, at all times, but the one item I never go to an event without is extra charge, a battery charger/pack. And fully charged devices from the start.

I have a couple of battery packs; a small pen-sized Anker one that’s good for a single full charge of my phone, and a second larger battery pack that’s good for a couple of charges for a phone, and can charge multiple devices at the same time. Oh, and don’t forget a range of cables too, in case I can offer a boost to someone else’s power woes at the same time as sorting my own!

Even now, after the experience of my phone losing all charge at one event some 12 years ago, I always make sure I’m at 100% before going out for the day AND having the back-up supply with me. Just in case. There have been times when I’ve been using maps and other location-based apps where the charge has been used quickly and I’ve needed a boost, as well as times I’ve been fine but other colleagues or family members have needed a bit extra.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a battery charger near by!

PS. I wrote and collated a number of other leading EdTech people ideas about their ‘rations’, the tools and equipment they can’t leave the house without, in my last book, Emergency Rations #EdTechRations: What’s so important we can’t leave it at home? It’s still available as a Kindle or paper copy, and as a free PDF download.

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Photo credit: Nuwandalice