My favourite piece of kit

Over the years I’ve had a number of pieces of equipment that have been favourites, and the last ten or more of those years it’s been my phone, each version I’ve had (last updated in 2012, and, it’s been iPhones all the way since!)

Or rather, the ‘networked pocket computer’ in my pocket, as Bill Thompson describes it:

We call it a phone, but I rarely get an actual phone call or text message on it these days – WhatsApp or FaceTime have replaced those features. I have unlimited text and minutes on my contract, and 30gb of data per month, yet I don’t get anywhere near that usage (for data) as I’m nearly always on WiFi.

It’s my calendar, camera, map, browser, TV, shopping guide, password reminder, clock, alarm, etc. It can be all of this and nothing, depending on what I need. Sure, it can’t do the washing, but I could connect it to my tumble drier if I wanted (hint: I don’t).

Again, it’s worth a link to my #EdTechRations Emergency Rations book for you to read and learn about what other leading practitioners in our field(s) think of their go-to or favourite item of kit.

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Photo credit: clement127