Skills & Attributes of today’s students

What a lovely way to demonstrate the skills and attributes of today’s learners (thx to @suebecks for sharing):

Skills & Attributes of today's learners

While some of us look to the skills, some to the technology, and maybe even some to the individual, it is clear that somewhere there needs to be a generic and ‘global’ view of the learner, the (learning) climate,  and requirements for the world in which they are being prepared for. No one skill is more, or less, important than another, but it may take priority over others at different times or in different circumstances.

If anyone has already got this sussed, drop a line below and show, please?

NB: There is a CC licence on the image, and link, but I’ve not been able to find the original. If it is yours then please let me know and I’ll put the appropriate attribution!

Header image source: Philip Howard (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)