Infographic – The education of tomorrow

Infographics are great, when they have something worthwhile to say, and show the data in a worthwhile way. This is one of the better ones – The Education of Tomorrow.

Here are some of the headline details from the infographic:

  • 90% of college students and high school seniors (yes, another US centric dataset) see tablets as valuable educational tools.
  • 63% of college students and high school seniors believe tablets will transform the way college students learn in the future.
  • 60% of college students prefer digital formats when reading books inside or outside of class.
  • 3x as many college students arrived with a tablet in 2012 as did in 2011 (does this include those who were given them as part of the course, or is this just those who owned them?).

But you know what .. despite being labelled as ‘education of tomorrow’ there is little here that is ‘of tomorrow’. Nearly everything here is ‘of today’. The infographic talks about, in the ‘what’s next?’ section, “augmented reality will offer fun and exciting curricula” and “credibility of MOOCs is expected to grow” … but this is what we’ve been talking about for 1-2 years already? No?

The Education of TomorowInfographic – The education of tomorrow