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Are you sure the website, blog, news site you read is impartial and not writing from a perspective or an influence of a paying advertiser, partner, supplier, etc?

No, me neither. I have a list of trusted blogs I look to all the time, not only for reflections and experiences in and around learning or education, but also for insightful or strategic views on the current and changing education ‘market’.

Despite my about page having a clear guest/advertiser statement of “I do not accept guest posts, nor do I use ghostwriters or accept payment for adverts or copy in old posts. Please don’t bother asking, I will not reply to your email”, I am constantly emailed asking to accept either a guest post or consider inserting their content into an old post clearly one that scores well on a search engine).

The current focus and state of education and learning during the global pandemic seems to have piqued al ot peoples interest … the requests for adverts in an old post or a ‘payment’ to reproduce an article on my site in exchange for a link to theirs are coming in thick and fast at the moment.

So, to be clear. I write all my own posts. Any post you don’t like is your fault, but my words. Any gap in posting is down to me and whether (a) I have anything to write, (b) I have the time to write it, or (c) I can be bothered to write. I do not accept copy from anyone else. I will not change this view.

Thank you for your interest, but this is my place for my views, my experiences, and my reflections.

[Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash]