Reading: "Global Mobile Learning Research Report 2009"

“The potential of mobile handheld devices to enhance learning in a global context has been investigated in this learnerÔÇÉcentred research project. The views and ideas of students about how the visual interface of mobile technologies can increase engagement and enhance learning have been investigated and tested in a practical classroom environment.”

iPod Touch and Studywiz Mobile Learning Research Report 2009 Final

The findings from this research are fairly predictable;

  • Students loved it, finding mobile learning “exciting and motivating”.
  • Teachers were required to make substantial investment in time, curriculum innovation and pedagogy.
  • Investment in time from both student and teacher in learning how to use the devices (iPod Touch) was considerable.
  • The iPod device has “real learning value in teaching and learning” when coupled to the imagination of the teachers to integrate the technology in everyday situations.
  • Issues surrounding charging the device was resolved with extra cables being gien to students so they can charge at home or at school.
  • Network issues needed to be resolved to enable iTunes to be installed on school PCs so movies and podcasts could be downloaded and synch’d with the iPods at school.
  • iPod Touch criticised for lack of capability for┬átaking photo and video.