Social media for engagement #jiscinform

Whilst reading the excellent JISC Inform newsletter (I’ve not paid this enough attention in the past – I will from now on!) I read the article on ‘social media for engagement’. Go read it now!

“The role of social media has the potential to extend beyond learning and teaching to support student engagement in the broadest sense. It offers a new way to develop relationships between the student or learner and their institution, as well as an alternative means to raise awareness of an institution’s engagement efforts.” 

… and this excellent image from Fred Cavazza will help you realise how ‘simple’ it could be to bring these social tools into your teaching and learning.

Social Media Landscape

Also available is this guide produced by Lis Parcell and JISC RSC Wales: Social media for student engagement: 20 good practice suggestions for higher education in Wales

Image source: Social Media Landscape 2013 (CC BY-ND 2.0)