Flipped Classroom Field Guide, Derek Bruff

Field Guide for the Flipped Classroom

With the new academic year upon us I regularly hear and read about the flipped classroom, and how people are going to use it. I was disheartened to read from Alan Cann (@AJCann) in his “Condensed Milk And The Flipped Classroom” post that his lengthy preparation for a flipped approach was not going to taken forward and implemented. While Alan is already planning an alternative approach, no doubt using techniques and technology he’s already invested a great deal of time in, the  post he referenced on The Atlantic website (“The Condensed Classroom”) had this great image.

For first-timers who want to understand the flipped classroom approach, this is an ideal introduction: 

Flipped Classroom Field Guide, Derek Bruff

“A diagram by Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching director Derek Bruff, published in Coursera’s “Flipped Classroom Field Guide.” Bruff’s diagrammatic explanation demonstrates the abstraction of primary and secondary materials from the “traditional” classroom, where they are not distinguished from “homework,” a term apparently reserved for assessment. (Derek Bruff/Coursera).”

  • AJ Cann

    I’ve been running flipped courses for more than a decade, but all the examples of flipping I know involve iconic/iconoclastic individuals who had the freedom to implement such a design without asking persmission. When it comes to running an entire degree program the situation is different – either everyone signs up and commits to the model or you’ve got trouble on your hands.

    • http://www.dontwasteyourtime.co.uk/ David Hopkins

      Thanks for the clarification Alan.

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