2020 Advent Calendar

I made my first blogging advent calendar last year, as a a bit of fun, and decided to do it again ot mark the end ofa rather strange year, 2020 … the year we kind of “lost the plot, found it again, lost it again, didn’t go out, and then couldn’t see friends or family for months on end. And worked from home. A lot.”

Below is my 2020 blogging advent calendar. I’ve linked to 24 of my own blog posts, tweets, or updates/shares that have either struck a chord with me, my blog/social readers (from the stats) or mean something to me personally – in no particular order. Each entry is released on the corresponding day of the festive advent, so please come back and see what else I’m sharing as part of my 2020 blogging year.

  • I’ll also be sharing my ‘52 things I learned in 2020‘, a follow up to my list from 2018 – I’m not sure where the 2019 list went but I’ll go and find and publish that one shortly too.

Enjoy, and please feel free to share (and get your own on the MyAdvent website).

Photo by Alexander Sergienko on Unsplash