#BYOD4L Day 1: Connecting, connections, and just a little bit of mild panic

Day one of the BYOD4L short course (we’re still discussing this: is it a short course, a course, a learning ecology? One thing we’re certain on … it’s certainly not a MOOC!) has been and gone. Well done everyone who engaged and ‘connected’ with the theme of connection.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. Part of me was busy and being pulled in different directions during the evening, and part of me was terrified of what I’d gotten myself into. A twitter chat is not for the feint of heart as it can be a full-on stressful and powerful thing (I’ve tried a few before and found myself overwhelmed and confused). I dipped in at various points and noted the quality and diversity of participation and participants, I looked at the Twitter map (thanks to Martin Hawksey again!) and was impressed at the variety of locations people were engaging and connecting from: well done!

Twitter Map
Twitter Map

I can see that tonight, when it’s my turn to lead and facilitate the chat (communication), I’m going to have my work cut out. I’m not doing it alone, I have the lovely Katherine Jensen to keep me company (and sane). Well both be active in Facebook, Google+ community, Twitter, and reading as many blog posts (and other submissions that come in from other social spaces) as I can.

Please use #BYOD4Lchat in response to the topic and the questions we’ll be posting tonight (8-9pm, using the @melsiguk account). See you later.