#BYOD4L Day 5: Creating and engaging

The final day for the short BYOD4L framework is here – creating! With the guidance and preparation of the below, we knew we were in for an interesting time:

“We want to encourage you to explore learning through ‘making’ – meaning how you can use smart devices and applications to develop original and meaningful outputs as an individual or within groups. An opportunity to find ways to express yourself creatively and develop personal learning activities that are relevant and meaningful to your needs.”

The first thing I saw on the final day of BYLD4L was Chrissi Nerantzi saying we needed to check we could tweet pictures. So I did. 8:31 this picture was tweeted as I waited for my day to start (a rare peaceful moment before the students arrived and made some noise): 

BYOD4L - CreatingIt seemed the Twitter chat was going to be a case of sharing both thoughts and locations … how mobile are we when we engage in it?

When asked during the chat (the Storify archive is here) what I was going to take away from the learning experience I was admittedly in the middle of getting children ready for bed, so my immediate thoughts included the difficulty of allocating enough time to really do the course and my involvement justice. I was amazed at the dedication and creativity of participants (and slightly in awe of them too) and enjoyed just reading the tweets for a while, not wanting to spoil the flow.

But, thinking creatively about BYOD4L I thought I’d represent my experience as an ‘avatar, something  could share and that others could enjoy too. After sitting looking at a blank screen for an age, trying to think how I’d do this, I turned to my Apps and decided on Foldify, where you can use the templates to draw, colour, and personalise a character or shape.

So, here’s my contribution – download the printable PDF (BYOD4L – Foldify Character / @hopkinsdavid), print it, cut it out, then stick together to make a little #BYOD4L character!

BYOD4L Avatar / @hopkinsdavid

Updated: here he is, in all his glory (my printer needs some new ink, so he’s a little pale):

BYOD4L - Foldify Character / @hopkinsdavid

If you have the Foldify App you can search ‘BYOD4L’ and find the avatar and download / modify your own! If you do please upload your own example back to Foldify, make sure it’s searchable with the BYOD4L name/tag, and leave a comment / image / link below to share it.