What is a MOOC? #edtech

A MOOC is a ‘Massive Open Online Course’ and, as the video from Dave Cormier below introduces it as a

“response to the challenges faced by organisations and distributed disciplines at a time of information overload.”

A MOOC is not for credit, it’s for (networked) learning. You participate in a MOOC because you want to learn about a particular topic or subject. A MOOC is an alternative (attractive?) mode of learning in a flat, technologically interconnected world  and supports life-long networked learning.

A MOOC is similar to the traditional courses that we think about when looking at learning and education: it has facilitators, students, resources, start and end date, etc, but it’s about connecting and collaborating.

Watch the video and have David explain better, and fully.

“It used to be that if you wanted to know about something you could do a few things: you could ask someone, you could buy a book, you could try to figure it out for yourself, or you could call a school.  If that school offered that course in that thing you were trying to figure out, you could go there and take it. You could get access.”

Other resources you ought to look into, when thinking about this kind of learning, include the “Explore a New Learning Frontier” post from Learning Solutions Magazine, “Is it or is it not a MOOC?” from Rebecca Hogue, and “”Change MOOC” from Doug Belshaw.

Does the idea of a MOOC work (for you)? Have you participated in one, or have you organised one even? Share your experiences by leaving a comment below. At the moment I am interested in furthering my experience and qualifications (see my posts on CMALT and PG Certificate) but I would certainly participate in a MOOC … in fact, I already am – the Codecademy, even if I haven’t started yet!