Video: Education Technology is the Future of Education?

I came across this great video over the weekend, posted by Brian Kotts (@iEducator). I was not aware that the Norwegian and Swedish education systems were as good as is reported on this post:

“When policy makers support and cooperate with practitioners, schools prosper and do well. Let us take an example of educational research. One way to advance the quality of education is to encourage educational research both qualitative and quantitative ones.

“These researches are the real mirror that reflect the true status of education and it is based on them that recommendations are made as to what should be modified, deleted, or applied in curriculums. Norway and Sweden spend millions on educational research and policy makers in these countries do take seriously the findings of these researches and as a result academic achievement and literacy rates are higher there than in any other country in the world.”

YouTube: The Future Start Now (2012 ed)

Watch the video, there are more soundbites here than I can really do justice to by transcribing them, and by watching it you can see each on in the correct context.