The State of #EdTech, 2020

At the end of 2019, a call was put out by the folks over at EdTechDigest for comments and insight into what industry and education leaders thought the state of educational technology would be in 2020.

Featuring the ‘Top 100 Influencers in EdTech’, ’10 Companies to Watch’, and ‘Leading Voices of Edtech’ weighing in on the state of education, tech’s role, and what’s ahead—this is a must-read for anyone passionate about the future of learning

Well, the report was published earlier this week and yours truly was featured among the ‘leading voices’ section. Here’s my contribution:

“The state of education is depressingly bleak. So many engaged and passionate teachers (and students) are over-worked, over- observed, under-paid, under- supported, under-valued by the very establishment that should be there to support and encourage them. If it wasn’t for their passion and dedication, education (and our children’s future) would be in a far worse state than it is in!”

David Hopkins // Senior Learning Designer, Coventry University
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