Who can you trust?

Which list is easier to make – a list of people/sources you can trust or a list of those you can’t?

Here’s my first attempt at the question ‘who can you trust?’

Who can I trust?Who can’t I trust?
Me (really?)
Family (hopefully)
Friends (mostly)
Colleauges (usually)
Those I follow on Twitter (really?)
LinkedIn Connections (maybe?)
News website (rarely?)
Technology (have I found and edited all the settings?)
Ads that appear on websites I visit
Published articles (where there is suspicion of purchased content)
News websites (check ownership and previous bias)
Technology (will it break, who is it sharing my data with, etc)
Facebook (sometimes even shared content from trusted friends too)
Twitter (most of it?)
LinkedIn (hmm, not sure here)
Anything or anyone remotely linked to politics
Vendor (this is a sales pitch? Goodbye!)
Supplier (pay for extended warranty? What’s wrong with it that you think it’ll break after 366 days?)
Me (?)

All in all I think I am a very untrusting individual, but perhaps in these days of phishing attacks, hacks, political and environmental unrest, etc it’s a sensible approach?

PS. This is ‘mobile-blogging’, inspired by Andrew Jacobs and Helen Blunden.

Photo by Devin Justesen on Unsplash