Missing the point

The view that education is constantly chasing the latest trends, from interactive whiteboards to iPads in the classroom, from AI and digital literacy to STEM and flipped classrooms, isn’t as wide of the mark as it first might seem. While well-intentioned, this fixation on the new and ‘shiny’ often misses the essence of education: fostering critical thinking, creativity, empathy, and a love for learning.

The rush to integrate new technologies sometimes overlooks the basics of good teaching – what problem is the new tool or technology going to solve? Gadgets or apps should be tools to support, not replace, engaging pedagogy. The focus should be on how these tools enhance meaningful learning.

Standardised testing and measurable outcomes have reduced education to checkboxes, stifling intellectual curiosity. Learning is complex and cannot be fully captured by multiple-choice questions or data points. Prioritising metrics over genuine understanding harms the learning process.

Additionally, the emphasis on specific career pathways can overshadow the broader purpose of education: developing well-rounded, thoughtful individuals. Education should prepare students for life, not just for jobs.

Ultimately, education should inspire critical thinking, passion, and a deep understanding of the world. Trends will come and go, but the core values of good education remain the same. Let’s focus on what truly matters: nurturing curious, adaptable, and empathetic lifelong learners.

Photo by Nik on Unsplash