3 Reasons Teachers use Technology in the Classroom #edtech #infographic

This infographic¬†on ‘Components of a 21st Century Classroom’ has some interesting facts and figures (not all do) but the real interesting point is in the top-right corner: “top 3 reasons for teachers to use technology in the classroom”:

  • 76%¬† (use tech to) adapt to diverse learning styles
  • 77% (use tech to) boost student motivation
  • 67% (use tech to) enhance the materials being taught

Is this surprising? Did you think the figures would be higher, or lower, of different reasons? I wonder what the other reasons are that didn’t make the graphic?

Components of a 21st Century Classroom
Components of a 21st Century Classroom

Other interesting points of interest from the rest of the infographic:

  • 6/10 of students used a digital textbook (compared to 4/10 in 2011).
  • 1/5 of students have used a mobile app to keep coursework organised.
  • Nearly 2/3rds of students would like to use their own mobile device to enhance learning – BYOD!
  • Almost 1/3 of students take at least one online course – I’d like to see both the stats on this AND the course itself, let’s see what their definition of an online course is?
  • “Integrating life skills into education can improve students engagement and retention and prepare them for 21st century careers.”
  • 91% of teachers have computers in their classroom yet just 20% feel they ahve the right technology – unpack this please, what specifically do they have and what do they feel they need, or are missing?