Open writing/blogging challenge #OpenBlog19

This morning I had an idea for a ‘pay it forward‘ blogging/writing challenge.

The premise is simple … once nominated you will be presented with a title or theme with which you can write about. You can write this on whatever medium you like or prefer to use (blog, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.), use the #OpenBlog19 hashtag,

Where did this come from? I have lots of ideas for bog posts, many of them don’t go anywhere, or get partially written and then deleted. Sometimes I forget what I wanted to write, sometimes I find other posts from within my network, sometimes I write it and then think it’s not worth publishing. Sometimes I just lose the idea or time and the post sits there for months/years.

So, the starting point … using this Google Doc as a source for themes, titles and interested colleagues, we’re starting the challenge.

If you’re interested, get involved, read posts from around the world and from people you may not know, write when you’re nominated, and enjoy the experience. Today (March 11th) is ‘day 1’ so there is room to get involved and help shape this ‘movement’, but please do get involved – on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on Medium, on your blog, in your class, with your network. You never know, we might learn something from each other!

Don’t wait to be included or nominated, feel free to jump in and write or record your own thoughts, nominate someone you’d like to hear from, someone you think who’d enjoy the journey or reflection, or someone who you’d think would have something valuable to say about a learning, education, technology, etc. theme.

So … let us begin. From the (current) list in the Google Doc, I choose the title/theme ‘The most valuable lesson I ever learned’, and nominate Rachel Challen and Maha Bali.

Once you’ve written and shared your piece, please add it to the ‘writings’ list on the Google Doc, a link to it and who you nominated. I’ll see about some form of curation and list-creating thing, to keep the (hopefully) growing list together.

Please do join in, share your writing, and nominate someone (or a few) in your network.

Image source: pfly (CC BY-SA 2.0)