Learning design checklist

Jumping on the ChatGPT bandwagon again (I can’t resist, it’s almost addictive!) here’s a response from ChatGPGT4 when prompted with the following:

Prompt: “Create a checklist for a learning designer to follow when they evaluate an online course to follow high-quality learning design principles and sound pedagogy”

And the response? Well, it’s not too dissimilar to lists I’ve seen (and used) previously. What do you think?

Comments are open.

As a learning designer, here is a checklist you can follow to evaluate an online course and ensure that it adheres to high-quality learning design principles and sound pedagogy:

  1. Learning objectives: Do the course’s learning objectives align with the intended outcomes? Are they measurable and clear?
  2. Content organization: Is the content organized logically, and does it flow smoothly? Is the content presented in an engaging way, using multimedia elements where appropriate?
  3. Assessment: Are the assessments aligned with the learning objectives, and do they measure what they are supposed to measure? Are they varied and challenging enough to assess mastery of the content?
  4. Learning activities: Do the learning activities align with the learning objectives, and are they varied and engaging? Do they challenge learners to apply what they have learned in different contexts?
  5. Accessibility: Is the course accessible to all learners, regardless of their abilities or disabilities? Does it follow accessibility standards, such as WCAG 2.0?
  6. Feedback: Is feedback provided to learners in a timely and constructive manner? Does it help learners to improve their understanding of the content?
  7. Instructor involvement: Is the instructor involved in the course, providing support and guidance to learners as needed? Do they participate in discussions and provide feedback on assignments?
  8. Technical considerations: Does the course run smoothly, without technical glitches or barriers to learning? Is the technology used in the course appropriate for the intended audience?
  9. Interactivity: Does the course provide opportunities for interaction among learners, as well as with the instructor? Is there a sense of community among learners?
  10. Evaluation: Is the course evaluated regularly to ensure that it meets the needs of learners and achieves the intended outcomes? Are changes made as needed to improve the course?

By following this checklist, you can ensure that the online course you are evaluating adheres to high-quality learning design principles and sound pedagogy

ChatGPT, 17 April 2023. OpenAI.

The next, logical, question is more about implementing the checklist rather than the ChatGPT output itself. Depending on your view of the output above, how would you improve the prompt, and why? Comments are welcome …

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash